Our mission at the Centre for Biblical Preaching is to encourage and foster expository preaching and teaching in local churches throughout Melbourne, Australia, and in other countries, by providing workshops, conferences, seminars, and mentoring for preachers.

We strive to be a training centre that effectively equips churches throughout Australia and the rest of the world in expository preaching. This vision is founded on the conviction that the first and most important mark of a healthy church is faithful exposition of God’s word.

The Centre arose from the unique and ground–breaking partnership between St. James’ Old Cathedral in West Melbourne and the Church Missionary Society—Australia.

The Centre is under the direction of Michael Raiter, an internationally recognised preacher who brings many years’ experience in training preachers both in Australia and overseas, and John Sugars, Assistant Vicar of St. Jude’s Anglican Church in Carlton, and Director of the ‘eQuip’ ministry training program at St Jude’s.



St. James’ Old Cathedral

The Centre is the initiative of St James’ Old Cathedral in West Melbourne, and will be based there.

St James’ provides an ideal setting for the Centre. Right on the edge of the CBD of Melbourne, St James’ is close to public transport and has conference facilities and offices available for use. It is also a growing congregation soundly based on expositional preaching. The Centre is currently based at St James’.


CMS Australia

Through CMS—Australia, the Centre hopes to partner with a number of organisations worldwide in meeting the urgent needs of equipping church leaders across the developing world, so as to more ably and confidently expound the Bible in ways that are culturally appropriate.

CMS—Australia has appointed Mike Raiter to be part of its Development and Training Team.